Andrew and Joe Sharpe with their 2021 winning 36.5 inch, 29.05 pound brown trout. Photo courtesy Bailey's Harbor Brown Trout Tournament.

BAILEY’S HARBOR — Andy and Joe Sharpe reeled in a monster brown trout on day 1 of the 2021 Bailey’s Harbor Brown Trout Tournament, and they went on to a runaway win with the fish.

Their 29.05 pound, 36. 5 inch monster was caught in Sturgeon Bay and weighed in at Howie’s Tackle.

The first place fish wins a $1,500 prize package including $1,000 cash and a Door County Vacation Package. 

Scott Agamaite claimed the No. 2 spot on Saturday with an 18.29 pound, 33 inch brown caught near Sister Bay.

That pushed Alan Schmidt of team Greystone Castle to the No. 3 spot with a 17.35 pound, 35 inch fish.

The top 40 were rounded out by Jeff Hartmann’s 11.34 pound brown caught in Algoma.


2021 Final Standings 

PlaceTeam NameNameWeightLengthLocationDateWeigh In Location
1 Andrew Sharpe29.0536.5SB4-15howie’s
2 Scott Agamaite18.2933Sister Bay4-17b57
3Greystone CastleAlan Schmidt17.3535lakeside4-15b57
4Brussels BanditsBrady Fisher17.135.5Sturgeon Bay4-16Hooked up Tackle
5 Tim Daul16.9934.5SB4-15Howie’s
6 Joe Sharpe16.5634.5SB4-16Howie’s
7 Jason Metzler16.3335SB4-15Howie’s
8 Scott Scharrig16.3232BH4-16b57
9Thanks DadJesse Madoche16.329.5Sugar Creek4-17b57
10 Casey Mumper15.8934Algoma4-15Hooked Up Tackle
11 Kaden Englad15.8433SB4-17Howies
12 Russell Veeser15.7335SB4-15Howie’s
13 Ron Trzeluski15.4734White FIsh Dunes4/16b57
14 Pat Agamaite15.0933.5Kewaunee4-17Hooked Up Tackle
15Greystone CastleAl Bloeser15.0733lakeside4-15b57
16 Brooke Gerondale14.6734lakeside4-15b57
17 Travis Annoye14.1434.5Algoma4-16Hooked Up Tackle
18 Amanda Kurowski13.56 SB4-15howie’s
19Meat WagonMike Homan13.4229.5bayside4-15b57
20 Brad Wessley13.2631.5bayside4-17b57
21 Ernie Beaber13.2129bh4-17b57
22Brussels BanditsZach Marchant13.16 SB4-15howie’s
23Monkey BusinessJosh Tadych13.1132BH4-16b57
24 Andrew LaFond12.8930.25Algoma4-16Hooked Up Tackle
25BillChris Warecki12.8833Rowleys Bay4-16b57
26 Adam Rentmeester12.8829.5lakeside4-15b57
27Thanks DadJill Hendricks12.7229.5Sugar Creek4-17b57
28 Todd Benthein12.6730BH4-17b57
29Getcha SomeJosh Oliver12.6633.5bayside4-15b57
30 Talon Younk12.6328.75Algoma4-15Hooked Up Tackle
31 Phil Romdenne12.629Algoma4-15Hooked Up Tackle
32 Bart Falish12.5828.5Algoma4-15Hooked Up Tackle
33Reel ImpressionsKenneth Pollock12.4727.25FC4-17b57
34Meat WagonKyle Waelchli12.2129.75lakeside4-17b57
35 Aaron Cisler12.1832Bayside4-16b57
36HookJaw HustlersSpencer Johnson12.131BH4-15b57
37 Jerome Malvitz11.9927SB4-15Howie’s
38 Anastasia Bell11.9330SB4-16Howie’s
39 Jim Dequaine11.7231 4-15b57
40 Jeff Hartmann11.3430.5Algoma4-16Hooked Up Tackle

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By Dan Plutchak

Founder, publisher Door County Shore Report