BAILEY’S HARBOR — The top two spots held up on day 2 of the 2021 Bailey’s Harbor Brown Trout Tournament, but a new fish landed in the third-place spot.

Brady Fisher’s 17.1 trout took over the third spot on Friday.

Andrew Sharpe held on to the top spot, 29.05 pound fish caught on day 1.

Alan Schmidt of team Team Greystone Castle had the second-place fish at 17.35 pounds.


There’s still plenty of room on the leader board, though, with the final 10 spots, from 31-40, currently with catches under 11 pounds heading into Saturday, the tournament’s final day.

Day 2 Standings April 16

PlaceTeam NameNameWeight
1 Andrew Sharpe29.05
2Team Greystone CastleAlan Schmidt17.35
3 Brady Fisher17.1
4 Tim Daul16.99
5 Joe Sharpe16.56
6 Jason Metzler16.33
7 Scott Scharrig16.32
8 Casey Mumper15.89
9 Russell Veeser15.73
10 Ron Trzeluski15.47
11Team Greystone CastleAl Bloeser15.07
12 Brooke Gerondale14.67
13 Travis Annoye14.14
14 Amanda Kurowski13.56
15Team Meat WagonMike Homan13.42
16 Zach Marchant13.16
17Team Monkey BusinessJosh Tadych13.11
18 Andrew LaFond12.89
19 Adam Rentmeester12.88
20Team Getcha SomeJosh Oliver12.66
21 Talon Younk12.63
22 Phil Romdenne12.6
23 Bart Falish12.58
24 Aaron Cisler12.18
25Team HookJaw HustlersSpencer Johnson12.1
26 Jerome Malvitz11.99
27 Anastasia Bell11.93
28 Jim Dequaine11.72
29 Jeff Hartmann11.34
30 Tom Raczek11.16
31 Hunter Cook10.96
32Team Getcha SomeBrad Winkler10.73
33 Randel Berndt10.53
34 Greg Ronsman10.52
35 Kevin Veeser10.3
36Team Getcha SomeDarren Collin10.3
37 Paul Conard10.29
38 Scott Bouvelte9.99
39 Ronnie Introwitz9.89
40Team BillTodd Haleen9.45

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By Dan Plutchak

Founder, publisher Door County Shore Report