Andrew and Joe Sharpe with a 36.5 inch, 29.05 pound brown trout. Photo courtesy Bailey's Harbor Brown Trout Tournament.
Andrew and Joe Sharpe with a 36.5 inch, 29.05 pound brown trout. Photo courtesy Bailey's Harbor Brown Trout Tournament.

BAILEY’S HARBOR — A year without tournaments appears to have been good for the fish.

Andrew and Joe Sharpe topped the leader board after day 1 of the Bailey’s Harbor Brown Trout Tournament with a 36.5 inch, 29.05 pound impressive fish.

Compare that to Michael Shephard, who won the 2019 Baileys Harbor Brown Trout Tournament with a trophy fish of 33.5-inch, 22.83 pounds, and competition this year will be fierce.

Alan Schmidt of team Team Greystone Castle had the second-place fish at 17.35 pounds.

Tim Daul ended the day in third with a 16.99-pound fish. UPDATED RESULTS HERE.

After a generally overcast and windy day the first day of the tournament, things should improve today.

The winds will be primarily from the north at 10 to 15 MPH. However, later in the day, the winds should shift to the northeast bringing cool air off the lake. Waves on the bayside should be 1 foot or less, with northerly swells still be present. READ MORE

Day 1 Standings April 15

PlaceTeam NameNameWeightLengthLocationDateWeigh In Location
1 Andrew Sharpe29.0536.5SB4-15howie’s
2Team Greystone CastleAlan Schmidt17.3535lakeside4-15b57
3 Tim Daul16.9934.5SB4-15Howie’s
4 Jason Metzler16.3335SB4-15Howie’s
5 Casey Mumper15.8934Algoma4-15Hooked Up Tackle
6 Russell Veeser15.7335SB4-15Howie’s
7Team Greystone CastleAl Bloeser15.0733lakeside4-15b57
8 Brooke Gerondale14.6734lakeside4-15b57
9 Amanda Kurowski13.56 SB4-15howie’s
10Team Meat WagonMike Homan13.4229.5bayside4-15b57
11 Zach Marchant13.16 SB4-15howie’s
12 Adam Rentmeester12.8829.5lakeside4-15b57
13 Josh Oliver12.6633.5bayside4-15b57
14 Talon Younk12.6328.75Algoma4-15Hooked Up Tackle
15 Phil Romdenne12.629Algoma4-15Hooked Up Tackle
16 Bart Falish12.5828.5Algoma4-15Hooked Up Tackle
17Team HookJaw HustlersSpencer Johnson12.131bh4-15b57
18 Jerome Malvitz11.9927SB4-15Howie’s
19 Jim Dequaine11.7231 4-15b57
20 Tom Raczek11.1630.5bh4-15b57
21 Brad Winkler10.7329.5bayside4-15b57
22 Randel Berndt10.53 SB4-15howie’s
23 Greg Ronsman10.5226.5SB4-15Howie’s
24 Kevin Veeser10.327SB4-15Howie’s
25 Darren Collin10.332bayside4-15b57
26 Paul Conard10.2929SB4-15Howie’s
27 Scott Bouvelte9.9928Algoma4-15Hooked Up Tackle
28Team BillTodd Haleen9.4529lakeside4-15b57
29 Gary DeBauche9.44 SB4-15howie’s
30Team Meat WagonKyle Waelchli9.4229.5bayside4-15b57
31 Aaron Cisler9.3727.5eh4-15b57
32Team BillKrisztian Pllagl9.2927bh4-15b57
33Team Abracadabra aka Magic MenKyle Paal928.5EH4-15b57
34 Adam Etienne8.8525.5SB4-15howie’s
35 Jason Peggar8.2928.5bh4-15b57
36Team BillBrent Edmundson8.0525lakeside4-15b57
37 Tom Mathn7.9822Algoma4-15Hooked Up Tackle
38 Michael Pantz7.9625Algoma4-15Hooked Up Tackle

By Dan Plutchak

Founder, publisher Door County Shore Report